Client Testimonials
Put my 20 years of industry experience to work for you.

Listen to what some of our clients are saying:

Hi Yolanda, Thank you very much for the gift card and thank you for all the time you put into helping us get the best possible rate, it definitely helps keep things more affordable. Thanks again for everything!


I have known Yolanda for a long time and I can really trust her, so much so that we have referred our friends and family to her for their mortgage advice. So far she has kept us all happy; it's like having an insider friend giving you the scoop on things banks just don't bother telling you about.


Yolanda was great in structuring the mortgage on our home so that we could take out our equity to buy our first investment property. So far, we've had positive cash flow every month and I will be working with her again soon as we are looking for our second investment property. Thanks Yolanda!


We were trying to decide if it was worth it to build a laneway home to generate some rental income. Yolanda was able to crunch the numbers and we determined that the rental income would more than pay for the cost plus we would be increasing our property value. Rental income in this expensive market will be really helpful.